What Your Marketing Agency Wish You Knew

If you're a growing business chances are that you probably outsource some of your marketing efforts to an outside agency, freelancer, or even a software tool. The idea is you tell them your product/service, your goals, your target audience, and they handle the rest- right? 

True, because they're experts at what they do so they should be able to generate some sort of value without a sweat.

However there is a roadblock that keeps marketing performance hindered, no matter how good the marketer, and that is that many business owners don't always see eye-to-eye with their person in charge of marketering.

The biggest complaint marketers have with the business owner, manager, etc. is that the person in charge does not understand the "levers" of marketing.

Levers meaning the different factors that have a role in driving sales, signups, etc.  

Hey business owners! Nowadays consumers aren't impressed by your shiny new website or recent Instagram photo. Those are not enough alone to increase sales. It's the combination  of these efforts that increase awareness and ultimately drive sales.

Owners, the next time you're meeting with your marketer ask them, "what are the different levers we need to adjust to increase results?"  

It's important as an owner to realize that generating results nowadays is a process consisted of many levers. Each lever plays a different role in the sale cycle AKA conversion process.

For example...

  1. A Facebook advertisement drives website traffic to your site.
  2. A blog on your site interests them so they signup for your email newsletter.
  3. Your email campaign highlights the value of your product/service.
  4. They buy!  

Ta dah! Once you understand this concept and are able to communicate it with your marketer you'll be able to get the ball rolling on strategies and tactics that will achieve results you once thought unobtainable. It's not until these conversations are had that real progress can be made.

What are some of the marketing questions that keep you up at night? Comment below!