Before You Launch A Google Adwords Campaign

before you launch google adwords campaign

Advertising on Google is now more easier than ever. In fact, now Google is letting you advertise for free! (See below image for a direct mail letter promoting Adwords.) 

before you launch a google adwords campaign

Owners and marketers! Before you launch that campaign take some advice from a digital advertising specialist to ensure your time is maximized!

One of the biggest mistakes we see people make when creating their first Google Adwords campaign is that they do not make their ads relevant to the person using Google. Making Google ads relevant is a simple process that will exponentially improve the performance of your campaign. 

As you may discover when creating your ads, Google organizes ads like the following: 

google adwords campaign structure

Notice that a "campaign" has an "ad set" within it and within the "ad set" is the "ad." Many first-time advertisers create a campaign the drives traffic to their website and they target anyone interested in anything and everything to do with their product/service.

For example we worked with a local dance studio in Chicago and they have dance classes for many different styles such as Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, etc. When they started their first Google Adwords campaign they stuffed all of these keywords into one single ad set within one campaign and called it a day (see below illustration). 

bad adwords campaign structure

When you advertise this way you're not relevant to what people on Google are interest in. When you're not relevant, your ad sucks! When your ad sucks, you pay more to advertise! The more you pay to advertise the less results you'll get.

A simple solution is to make your ads more relevant by organizing them based on what the user is interested in, such as the following:

good adwords campaign structure

This ensures that your ad is highly relevant to what the person is interested in. This is a common best practice that digital advertising experts use and if you do it for your business you'll increase results like there's no tomorrow!

After making this simple change for the dance studio people engaged with their Google ads 22% more than before, which lowered the cost-to-advertise by 42%! 

What are some questions you have about your Google advertising campaign?