Why Your Ebay Sales Are Decreasing & What To Do About It


Selling on Ebay can drives a lot of sales however over the past few years and months many sellers have reported decreases in sales month-over-month. The primary cause for this is a drop is not something you did but rather something you did not do. 

Over the past decade or so a little startup named Amazon has been steadily increasing in popularity over the eCommerce industry. While eBay was once the King of eCommerce, it has now become a niche for unique or hard-to-find items.

As seen from the below chart, in 2014 Ebay has been replaced in interest over Amazon, according to Google Trends. 


You may be thinking, oh shit... 

Or even- no way!

Regardless if you accept this or not, I recommend you act quickly in taking advantage of selling on Amazon if you are not already. True, Amazon has slightly higher fees than eBay however it generates much more traffic, meaning more sales and overall increased revenue.

Below is snapshot comparison of eBay seller vs. Amazon seller central for those new to either. (Fees are for small sellers not using premium selling accounts.) 


My recommendation? Expand your exposure beyond Ebay into Amazon and more.

Test the waters in Amazon Seller Central then scale your efforts across all eCommerce sites using a synced content management system, such as Shopify.


Using a Shopify store, you can (instantaneously) sync your product inventory across multiple sites such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Google Shopping and more. 

Increase your Ebay sales by working smarter not harder and expanding your sales channel using an all-in-one inventory management system. Below are links to get started, good luck!


  1. Set up Amazon Seller Account: https://www.amazon.com/sell-products-online/b?ie=UTF8&node=12766669011
  2. Set up Shopify Account: https://www.shopify.com/