How I Used Twitter Ads for Product Research

how to use twitter for market research


I aim to educate small businesses on promoting through social and digital marketing. An important question I had was how does do owners, entrepreneurs, etc. prefer to learn?

My hypothesis was that people liked learning through in-person, hands-on training.

The other alternatives to in-person learning would be virtual learning. This can be through videos and webinars or by reading books or blogs about the topic. Being able to answer this question was key for me growing We Teach Marketing. So I did what I do best, marketed.

Using Twitter advertising I boosted the post with $20 and targeted small business owners and entrepreneurs. Below are the results.


While my hypothesis was *correct, virtual learning came in a close second at 41%. Yet virtual education is much easier to scale than in-person education. This helped me understand the importance of focusing more more on virtual learning.

What interesting findings have you learned from marketing?  


*Our results were based on 109 responses- which is not data significant but gives us direction.